Our Story

Simple Price Prep 

We started our life journey together on our wedding day June 19, 2010. I was in the United States Navy and Brandy was a caretaker. While I was in the Navy we started our first business together in the automotive industry. In 2013 not only did I get out of the Navy but we also sold our automotive company and started selling online. By 2014 we were prepping and shipping hundreds of units each week out of our home. We have always been willing to help others and in 2014 a friend outside of the US reached out to us and ask if we could help with receiving his products from his supplier and prep them to be sent into Amazon. At the time we had never thought of offering this type of help to anyone however, we wanted to help as much as we could. After helping him a few times others started reaching out to us so we worked with them exclusively for many months. After we reallized that many other sellers could benefit from this type of service Simple Price Prep was born in early 2015 and since then we have helped hundreds of clients with their needs in order to help them grow their eCommerce businesses. Elijah graced us with his presence on April 1, 2017 and always stay’s true to his April Fool’s birthday. Just like his dad he is always playing pranks and cutting up. He enjoys spending time at the warehouse with his Mommy and Daddy helping to fetch supplies and keep the teams spirit up. He loves making people laugh and he will always dance to a good beat. His favorite food is Avocados and he enjoys being outdoors.