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All items not covered in monthly plans can be added as a per unit basis (Liquidation, Bubble Wrap, etc.)

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*We require that your inventory in our warehouses be insured, we are not responsible for natural disasters. Our insurance does not cover third party inventory.

**When shipping products to us make sure you have entered products into the portal. Sometimes we receive products from new customers without there name or company and we have no way to identify who the products belong to and they will be stored in storage and incur storage fee’s until you contact us.

***If we receive any product that is damaged (i.e leaking or contains broken glass) we will take pictures of the product for you and then we will dispose of the item immediately. We can not keep products that are leaking or hazardous.

****UPS, FedEx and USPS may arrive at our facility anytime during the day between 10AM and 6PM. Freight deliveries need to be scheduled between those times or an additional after hours fee will apply.