Product Preparation

We offer the best preparation services available for your business at the simplest prices.  If you need something just let us know and we will work with you.

User Experience

Your experience is very important to us.  We want to ensure that your business grows as fast as we can so we get your products ready and shipped in quickly so that they can sell!


We work with you on flexibility.  If you want to get your inventory stocks up but don’t want to ship everything in to your inventory we will store it on site for you.

Simple Price Prep’s Core Features

Take a look to Simple Price Prep’s core features!

We care about your business and your success.  

  • Fast and reliable preparation for your products.

  • Simple pricing structures.

  • We are flexible and easy to work with.

Stop stressing about pricing for this and that!  See our Simple Prices Below!

Tier One

  • $1 / Unit

    Receive, Inspection, Inventory, Label, Sticker Removal, Bagging, Wrapping, Shipment Prep

  • $1.50 / Unit

    Everything Above Plus Multipack or Bundles up to 5 items.  Each additional item will be charged $0.50.

  • $.10 / Unit

    On Site Storage Per Week

Tier Two

$1.50 / Unit

  • Receive, Inspection, Inventory, Label, Sticker Removal, Bagging, Wrapping, Shipment Prep

  • $2 / Unit

    Everything Above Plus Multipack or Bundles up to 5 items.  Each additional item will be charged $0.50.

  • $.20 / Unit

    On Site Storage Per Week

Tier Three

Price Upon Request

  • Custom processes not previously listed are also available.

  • Custom Label Services not provided will be priced upon request.

$.10 / Unit

Discount Per Item Over 1000 Units in the same month per company.  Discount per item for each referral.

Tier Four

$1.50 / Unit

  • Receive, Inspection, Inventory, Label, Sticker Removal, Bagging, Wrapping, Shipment Prep

  • $2 / Unit

    Everything Above Plus Multipack or Bundles up to 5 items.  Each additional item will be charged $0.50.

  • $.20 / Unit

    On Site Storage Per Week

* A 4% Payment Processing Fee is applied to all invoices
** We can pay for shipping and/or special materials on your behalf upon request.  These payments are assessed a service fee applied to the cost of the product or shipping.

Stop waiting and get your business growing today!  Contact Us Now!

Amazing Benefits

You get to focus on other aspects of your business while we make sure that your inventory is accounted for, packaged and shipped out correctly.

Awesome Support

If you need anything you can contact us easily.  If you have special requests we are willing to work with you and listen to what you want.

Easy Work

We make easy work of the preparations for your products.  No more headaches about labeling, packaging and shipping your products. No more trips to the mail store!

Great Communication

Get notified when your products arrive.  We will send you photos and updates throughout the process if needed and supply you with tracking information once shipped.


Eric Cultus - Singapore

I have been working with Dustin and the team since I started my FBA business. I send my private label products to him and he preps and ships them into Amazon warehouses. He is easy to work with, communicates well and accommodating to my needs. I would gladly recommend him to my team of Amazon sellers.

Kent Engman - Norway

My name is Kent Engman and I live in Norway. As a non US resident just starting out on shaky legs with FBA buisness I looked for a affordable, reliable and fast prepping service. I came across Simple Price Prep and contacted them to see if they could help me. And sure they could! Simple Price Prep fulfills all my needs. They really know what they are doing, I never had any problems with Amazon due to packing and shipping. They also provide me with tips and tricks to help my buisness. They are so flexible to work with....Yes as a newbie I made some mistakes with my listings but Dustin and Whitney solved it for me in an amazing way. I give simple Price Prep my highest recomandations and can not think of working with another company. Use them and you will never be disapionted.

CWNB Inc - New York

Working with Simple Price Prep is like having an extension of yourself. Anything that you probably need for your prepping and shipping needs is handled under one roof. And if you are exploring uncharted territories, you can trust that Dustin will be completely on the ball with you the same way you are. When speaking with Dustin, the owner of SPP, you can sense his genuine attitude and willingness understand your perspective. Use Simple Price Prep to make your business run like a well oiled machine!

Johan Norberg - Sweden

I am totally in love with your great and fast prep service for my Amazon FBA business!!! You are making a fantastic work, and you are always listening to what your clients want and need! Your cheap prices are just amazing compared to the great work you are putting in, and your high standards!!!

Willy Lin - Singapore

Simple Price Prep has been an awesome company so far to handle the preparation of my products that came in from China. Damage inspection and preparation to Amazon standards is very important for me as I am from overseas. Dustin and his company solves that for me and their turn over duration for is very fast! I am very happy that even though Dustin doesn’t use WhatsApp, he doesn’t mind downloading it just for me and his communication with me via WhatsApp is extremely fast. Dustin is very humble and I am very happy to work with him. He will make sure everything will be smooth for your private label or even your arbitrage products and best of all, working with ex-military personnel will yield you the highest quality of service anytime of the day For anyone whom is overseas, I recommend his company services and you will not regret it!

Chris Wilkey - Indiana

One of the major goal's for me in 2016 is that I want to outsource as much of my business as possible and really be “hands off” besides the purchasing decisions. I want to give the green light and then hand the keys off to my system in place. This gives me more time to focus on other streams of income and building my income portfolio.
Dustin is the man I turn to with all of my packing and prepping needs.

Carmen Ho - Singapore

"Private Label Sellers' Best Friend"

 We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to Simple Price Prep for the superior service rendered to our company since day one.  We recently launched our brand in Singapore and were in need of a US-based prepper who could help us handle all the prep work and shipping of our inventory into FBA warehouses. After much sourcing and referral, we were very privileged to work with Dustin, who is sincere, prompt & honest in all his dealings. Dustin is not just our prepper! He is willing to go beyond the call of duty by giving us local insights on how Amazon operates based on his first hand experiences. This is exactly the information we need over at the other side of the globe! We were impressed with his efficiency, reliability and accountability, making the seemingly tedious and complicated process so simple. Simple Price Prep, as the name has it. We highly recommend its service!

Philip Samson - Singapore/Philippines

The reasons I tell my friends and co-sellers why I do recommend Simple Price Prep (SPP) are:
1. Quick response from the team thru email correspondence
2. Short turnaround time to prep my inventories
3. Simple price structure

There was this one instance when I encountered some issues with Amazon fulfillment center in receiving my products correctly. I pulled out these products and sent them to SPP for inspection and relabeling. Out of good gesture to help me fix this issue, SPP did this service for me without any fee.